Colin Barker Novel - T. Wrecks
T. Wrecks
Murder in the Geology Department

Finalist in the New Mexico / Arizona Book Awards

Professor Candrew Nor is embroiled in solving the latest crime in the dramatic canyons of the Four Corners area. This time a geology faculty member dies in a tragic drowning accident while on a field trip with students - or so it seems. But this is no accident, it’s murder. Candrew, the victim’s colleague at a university in northern New Mexico, struggles to make sense of the situation. Why would anyone want him killed? Could it be a colleague, a jealous wife, an academic competitor? And how would they have orchestrated such an accident in front of dozens of students? But then a retired mercenary contacts Candrew.

He’s working for a wealthy Californian industrialist who is determined to add a T. rex to his extensive dinosaur collection. Candrew is drawn in and discovers that his colleague had been involved with an illegal fossil excavation. Left unanswered are questions about the mysterious Jason, and KT, and Antares. Before resolving these, he stumbles on a second dead faculty member and is himself shot at while visiting the dinosaur site out in the canyons. How could a T. rex death 65 million years ago echo down through time and trigger more deaths now?

Author: Colin Barker
Published: January '17

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