Colin Barker Novel - Murder Loves Diamonds
Murder Loves Diamonds
Murder in the Minerals Department

After being locked in an abandoned mine, and desperately trying to find an escape route, Professor Candrew Nor stumbles on a dead body. When he finally gets out of the mine, the geology professor discovers that his current research on diamond prospects in New Mexico and Arizona has made him a rival for other prospectors, and that’s why he’d been shut in. He finds out that the body in the mine was a foreigner who’d also been involved in gem exploration.

In trying to solve the mysteries of what happened—and why—Candrew discovers that there are groups exploring for diamonds on the Navajo reservation, as well as in Colorado, California, and even in Canada. Surprisingly, in the U.S. they have all been using the same truck driver to haul rocks for them. Candrew, with help from university colleagues, and a surprising role played by some university students, is able to solve the crimes.

Author: Colin Barker
Published: June '1

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